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Election of Parent Governors: Nominations

We currently have a vacancy for a parent governor to serve on the governing body of this school. We are very keen to encourage parents/people with parental responsibility of registered pupils/students to nominate themselves to fill these places. 


School governors operate at the strategic or policy-making level in the school. The current governors are keen that the board is reflective of the wider school community and, as such, would like to encourage parents to put themselves forwards for the parent governor vacancies. They play a vital role in supporting and developing the school by bringing a parental perspective to strategic decision making. Therefore, the more representative the board is of the school community, the better. The main characteristics needed are to act selflessly and have a heart to champion the needs of all children in the school. Training events and induction are available, commitment is not onerous, and the rewards will exceed expectations. Parent governors are elected by parents and all parents are qualified to apply for this role.


If you join our governing body, the expectation is you will serve for approximately a four year term and you can continue to the end of the term of office even if your child/children leave the school. Being a governor does take up some time. There are twelve governing body meetings each year (two per term), you will need to set aside time to be able to be an effective governor: time to prepare for meetings, for visiting the school, undertaking training and updating.


To find out more about what being a governor at this school is like, you can contact Lucy Noble, our Chair of Governors, who will be very willing to answer any questions.


If you would like to take the opportunity to put yourself forward as a candidate, you may only do so on an official form, so please complete and return the required sheet to me by Monday 22nd January 2024. If it is necessary for there to be an election, I will contact you to let you know about the arrangements.