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Bitham Brook Primary School

In a community of kindness where all belong: be positive, be resilient, be creative

Year Five

We have two Year 5 classes - Miss Glass and Miss Gascoigne

Support Staff - Ms Castle, Mrs O'Hare,  Mrs Horton and Mrs Bullingham 


Term 3


We hope you have all had a great break. 


As the months continue to be cold, please can you make sure that your child has a coat and maybe a change of shoes in the cold weather.

Please could children also ensure jewellery is removed before their PE lesson or prior to coming to school. Please can we also remind you that the children will not need to bring in pencil cases or stationary as this will be provided in class, and that toys and valuables are kept at home. Please also ensure that children bring a water bottle to school every day. 



Spellings will be handed out on the first Monday of term.  We will not be testing weekly but instead every 4 weeks.  Spellings can also be found on the school website at the bottom of this page

Please continue to read at home.

Continue practicing for times table challenges on Times Table Rock Stars.


PE Days

Children will have PE on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Please ensure that children come to school wearing their Bitham Brook PE kit on these days. 


Wednesday- Netball

Friday- Netball (indoors)


When the children have PE they should continue to wear their Bitham Brook PE kit into school with the school jumper over the top (if weather conditions require a jumper).  Please note the Bitham Brook PE kit is a plain white t-shirt and black shorts/leggings/tracksuit with trainers.  Other sports clothing is not acceptable as it is important, that as a school, we have pride in our appearance.  It is important that children do not attend school in casual clothing as we want to maintain the children's sense of education being important; pride in their appearance; and belonging to Bitham Brook.

Boy Giant, Son of Gulliver, by Michael Morpurgo.

Learning this Term


In Maths, we will be continuing our unit on Multiplication, using written methods to multiply numbers by 1 and 2 digit numbers. The children will then be looking at fractions including multiplying fractions as well as finding fractions of a quantity.  



Our writing will be linked to our class book, ‘Boy Giant’ by Michael Morpurgo as well as our previous science topic of space.  We will start by writing a balanced argument on whether money should be spent going into space. We will then focus our skills on writing a formal letter using knowledge recalled from year 4.



During reading we will be working our way through our class book ‘Boy Giant’ by Michael Morpurgo, and interrogate the text using a variety of skills. The children will be able to continue with their own reading and testing their understanding using Accelerated Reader



Our PSHE topic this term is called ‘Dreams and Goals’. In this unit, children will identify their own dreams and goals, how to help achieve these as well as what impact having a positive attitude can have.



In Science, we will be looking at Properties and Changes of Materials. The children will compare and group together everyday materials on the basis of their properties, including their hardness, solubility, transparency, conductivity (electrical and thermal), and response to magnets. They will use knowledge of solids, liquids and gases to decide how mixtures might be separated, including through filtering, sieving and evaporating.




In Art this term, we will be drawing. We will be learning about creating a non-realistic real life representation in an abstract way. The children will learn about the artists Wassily Kandinsky and Friedensreich Hundertwasser and their impact on abstract art





We will be learning about North America and water. They will learn about the water cycle, building on their science knowledge from year 4. They will learn about the journey a river takes starting at the source and flowing to the mouth of the river. The unit will end with the children using scales on maps to measure the lengths of rivers




In Computing, we will be will be looking at document information technology.




Physical Education   

In PE, we will be focussing on the sport of Netball. The children will build on their netball skills learnt in term 1, applying techniques to help defend   

the ball while passing it up the court. The children will also participate in dance sessions


Religious Education

This term, the children will be focusing on the religion of Sikhism. They will be discussing the question ‘Are Sikh stories important today?’





We will be learning about popular music, focusing on an 80s song called Small Town Boy by Bronski Beat. We will be improvising over a simple groove

responding to the beat as well as playing melodies on tuned percussion. 




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