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Pupil Premium and Financial Benchmarking

Our Pupil Premium and Recovery Premium Funding Strategy Statement 2021-22 can be found here.



Our updated Pupil Premium and Recovery Funding Strategy Statement 2022-23 with current action plan can be found here

Our updated Pupil Premium and Recovery Funding Strategy Statement 2023-24 with current action plan can be found here

Service Pupil Premium 


The Department for Education (DfE) introduced the Service Pupil Premium in April 2011 in recognition of the specific challenges children from service families’ face and as part of the commitment to delivering the armed forces covenant.


The funding for service children is designed to assist the school in providing additional support. This support should be mainly pastoral support during challenging times and to help mitigate the negative impact on service children of family mobility or parental deployment


To best support our service children it is essential that we have clear lines of communication. If there is a change to the home situation that you feel may impact your child please contact Susan Wells the schools family link worker. 01373 859172


To support the school in completing the triannual census ex service personnel should tell the school if they left the armed forces within the last 6 years.  Under the DfE’s Ever 6 Service measure, schools will continue to receive SPP for up to 6 years for children whose parent(s) left the armed forces, provided the children were recorded as service children in a school census from 2016 onwards.  

School Financial Benchmarking


Benchmarking is the process of comparing our school's spending with similar schools and schools with similar attributes.  It allows our school to look at spending in different areas such as staffing, supplies and services.  Benchmarking helps us to consider how to use our resources to support high-quality teaching and best education outcomes for our pupils.  It can help our school to consider whether:

  • our resource allocations are appropriate for us
  • we can improve outcomes by doing things differently.


Benchmarking is only a guide for schools and we have to consider local knowledge about Bitham Brook Primary when assessing the data.

Information on number of staff at Bitham Brook Primary School who earn over £100,000 a year:


No of staff earning over £100,000 a year0