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Physical Education

It is our aim at Bitham Brook that we enable pupils to experience a high quality and rich Physical Education curriculum. Through the course of their life at Bitham Brook, children will develop the knowledge to perform and develop techniques and skills in a range of activities such as team sports, dance, Swimming and gymnastics which can be performed with control and consistency. As children progress through the school, they will develop increasing awareness of conceptual knowledge that effects their performances in competitive situations such as tactical awareness in sports or artistic impression in gymnastics.


Our PE curriculum aims to ensure that all pupils routinely experience sustained, physically demanding activity to promote their ability to enjoy sport and dance as well as become physically confident in a way which supports their health and fitness.


In order to perform techniques with control and consistency, pupils will be taught two elements of substantive knowledge (the facts of the subject). Pupils will need to know declarative knowledge about the subjects, the facts of Physical Education for example the names of passes in netball and the advantages and disadvantages of each type of pass. The second element of substantive knowledge pupils will learn is procedural knowledge. This type of knowledge is demonstrated through the movements required to perform a specific technique such as showing the correct techniques for catching a ball in cricket.


Throughout the course of an academic year, children at Bitham Brook will participate in a range of outdoor sports. In the Autumn term, children will learn and develop skills through the game of Netball. This enables children to develop component skills using their hands after which they can transfer much of the knowledge learnt into their next unit of Football taught in the latter part of the autumn term through which they learn to develop and apply the skills with their feet.


In the Spring term, children will learn the sport of cricket. Skills will be broken down into small components in order for children to master in manageable steps and which are built on year on year. During the summer term, lessons are based around the sport of Athletics and are broken down into the skills of jumping, throwing and running. As sports at Bitham Brook are cyclical, children are able to build on their knowledge year and year and develop techniques progressively until they eventually are able to be performed with control and consistency.


Alongside our range of outdoor sports, children also participate in weekly dance lessons.