Adverse Weather Procedures

The following arrangements will take effect in the event of extreme bad weather:

Unexpected Heavy Snowfall

If we have adverse weather, we will make every effort to keep the school open, including gritting the paths on the school site. However, the safety of children and staff while at school and while travelling to and from school is of paramount importance.

If we decide to close the school, a message will be displayed prominently on the school website and we will send a text message to all parents who are registered with Parentmail PMX® and who have provided us with up to date mobile phone numbers.

We will contact BBC Wiltshire (103.5 FM 104.3 FM and DAB) who will include details of closures on its website

The school telephone will be manned if at all possible.

School will be open if enough teachers and staff arrive to look after each class and if the essential infrastructure of the school (heating/lighting) is working. If it is impossible to supervise a class because not enough staff are present, the children in that class will have to be sent home.

In such an emergency situation we ask that no child be sent to school until it is certain that the class will be open. Please check the website and your phones for messages!