Mindfulness and well-being

Many parents and carers are concerned about how their children, whatever their age, are feeling at present. It is understandable that children and young people may be feeling anxious and upset. There are lots of ways we can help our children and lessen their worry and anxiety about the current situation we find ourselves in. Ensuring children know we are there to listen to and talk to them in an honest and accurate way about their worries will help with anxiety about the situation.

Taking the following steps will help promote children’s mental health and well-being:

· Self-care – be kind to yourself, encourage children to stay connected with friends (chat on the phone, Face time, message them, write a letter) listen to music, bake, get creative, go outdoors and enjoy some natural sunlight

· Exercise – exercise daily. The evidence shows that exercise improves mood.

· Relaxation – Yoga for relaxation, breathing exercises and muscle relaxation are helpful www.youtube.com/CosmicKidsYoga

· Eat well and sleep – the better rested and nourished children are, then the more able they are to cope.

· Talking – if children are finding it difficult to cope, talk to them to help relieve their worries and to make them feel safe.

· Have a routine – creating a routine will help a child to stay focused and it reminds them that they are in a secure, loving environment.

Both these sites have some tips on how to talk to children about Coronavirus